Afghanistan Had Its Own ‘Roswell’ in 1956, Secret Files Say

May 3, 2020

Not all of the 12,000 Project Blue Book reports have been noticed by the public…

One such file comes from 1956 Afghanistan, where an attache in the country sent a telex to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base detailing a UFO wave in the country and a reported “landing” of a metallic “flying saucer” with thick glass windows around its leading edge.

Four days later, Afghanistan signed a historic agreement with the Soviet Union to modernize its military and infrastructure.

Source documents in order of mention 

1956 Afghanistan Blue Book file:

State Dept. UFO docs from 1980s Afghanistan:

1961 Pakistan UFO report sent to Project Moon Dust:

Moon Dust photo log and USAF memo for crashed disc in 1968 Nepal (marked pg. 82, 83 and 84):§%20552(A)(2)(D)%20Records/Other%20Available%20Records/ufo2.pdf?ver=2013-12-03-141324-473