Brazil’s Forgotten UFO Files

May 17, 2020

Rumors are circulating online of a UFO crash near Magė, Brazil, but we have no concrete evidence of anything. That doesn’t mean the country is lacking in detailed, documented UFO cases though.

Rarely-seen declassified documents disclose significant encounters in the country, including encounters with humanoids by educated observers, photo evidence of a flying disc deemed “legitimate” by the Brazilian Air Force, sightings of spheres that mirror those seen as recently as 2014 California, and the famous “Operation Plate.”

Sources in order of mention

All Brazilian documents originally obtained from the Brazilian Government by researcher A.J. Gevaerd and archived by John Greenewald at The Black Vault.

1956, Sao Sebastiao coast; professor enters disc for 40 minutes before leaving:

Barra da Tijuca case with photos (in thumbnail):

USAF/Condon analysis of Barra da Tijuca (Case 48):

SIOANI, UAP study project in Brazil in 1970s

Landing of craft with 2 meter tall beings

Operation Prato:

Footage credit

Jeff Quitney/Library of Congress