Cattle Mutilations a Covert Military Op? — The New Evidence

Jun 18, 2020

The FBI has declassified hundreds of pages on cattle mutilations of the 1970s. When the decade was complete, nearly 10,000 animals were killed, often in bizarre ways with specific organs removed with laser like precision, and blood drained from the body.

New Mexico State Police believed a “clandestine” government organization was responsible, but was never able to prove it. Today, through newly noticed documents from the CIA’s Project Sun Streak and more importantly the archives of Danny Casolaro detailing the shadowy world of private contractors, we have a better idea — though still no definitive proof — of what might be happening in the American West.

Source documents in order of mention

The FBI’s animal mutilation files (five parts):

Valdez conclusions in Part 4, pg 15.

UFO residue testing in Part 5, pg 22.

CIA Project Sun Streak remote viewing site of a mutilation:

Wackenhut-Cabazon correspondence, from the archives of Danny Casolaro:

Image credits 

US Army footage remastered via Jeff Quitney (cc):

Aerial shot of Indio (cc):