CIA Document Shows Life on Mars Observed in 1984

Nov 6, 2019

An unassuming document titled — MARS EXPLORATION, MAY 22, 1984 — is collecting virtual dust in the CIA archives…in this episode, we’re going to talk about the time the intelligence agency says they sent a psychic to Mars, and whether or not we can believe it.

Published online two years ago with little fanfare, this document is one of the most peculiar things to come out of the Stargate Project. Stargate was a once-secret U.S. Army unit created to investigate whether remote viewing had any military use. The project was terminated and disclosed in 1995 after the CIA decided results were too inconsistent for intelligence applications.

Source documents 

This document was approved for release in 2000 and available to read in person, but was added to the CIA’s online CREST database in 2017. Full PDF here:

Additional studies referenced at end of video: “Giant impacts on early Mars and the cessation of the Martian dynamo,” Roberts, Lillis, Manga (2009):

“Formation of the Northern Plains Lomonosov Crater During a Tsunami Generating Marine Impact Crater Event,” Costard et al (2018 and 2019):