Former Secretary of Defense Comments on Admiral Wilson UFO Leak

Oct 3, 2020

The infamous “Wilson leak” are notes that appeared anonymously online in 2019 claiming Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson met with physicist Eric Davis to discuss a black budget program that was reverse engineering craft “not of this Earth — not made by human hands.”

On page 7 of the alleged notes, former Secretary of Defense, William Perry is mentioned, suggesting Wilson obtained the location of the secret UFO program after talking to him about “unacknowledged/carve-outs/waived” Special Access Programs (SAPs).

It’s [redacted] reached out to Perry to see if he recalled this conversation, to which his non-profit replied: “Dr. Perry looked over the document, and he does not recall any such meeting as is described, nor does he have any memory of a person by that name. Although he does admit that it had been many years since, and therefore difficult to say whether he would remember if such a meeting had occurred.”

What does this mean for the disputed legitimacy of the Wilson leak? Is there any evidence of a UFO reverse engineering program, or is it all fake? This is explored in today’s episode.


Alleged notes

Vice Adm. Wilson denial to Billy Cox:

Davis no comment to Joe Murgia:

Documents are from Edgar Mitchell’s archive:

Mellon comments to McMillan:

History of DIA linkage to J-2: