Iran Chased Unidentified Object Going Mach 10 in 2004

Aug 29, 2020

A very rare file comes from Iran — on October 28th, 2004, an IRIAF F-14 was ordered to pursue and engage a spherical, luminous, green unidentified aerial phenomenon. When the pilot attempted to lock on, the weapons system and radar would malfunction.

The UAP also showed signs of anomalous acceleration, disappearing and reappearing in different spots in the sky, confirmed by two in the jet and observers on the ground near the Arak Heavy Water Reactor. The object was estimated to go between Mach 7 and Mach 10.


2009 IRIAF UAP report, used with permission:

F-14, Jeff Quitney (cc)

Pentagon, Jeff Quitney (cc)

Minuteman, Jeff Quitney (cc)

F-14B 1998 (cc)


Arak Reactor (cc)

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