Military Files Show Extraterrestrial Base Under Alaska Observed in 1987

Jan 18, 2020

By the late 1980s, the Stargate Project was in full swing. Declassified files show the US government had used remote viewing, the ability to psychically see locations at a distance, for over a decade.

When browsing through CIA archives, we found something that made us do a double take: the apparent discovery of three extraterrestrial bases by an intelligence analyst. The obscure handwritten document, sub-classified “Sun Streak” under purview of the DoD’s Defense Intelligence Agency, describes secret, underground facilities.

Source documents

Description of Personnel Associated ET Bases:

Project Scannate overview:

CIA report on remote viewing, 1995:

Missing person database in Alaska:

Department of the Interior on magnetic anomalies in Alaska:

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Mount Hayes, Dan Battle Brook (Creative Commons 2.0):