Rare Dyatlov Pass Photos: Did “Force” Prey on 9 Russian Hikers?

Nov 29, 2019

The Dyatlov Pass incident is one of the strangest on record. It’s been covered a lot before, but not like this. We’re going to take the most detailed look yet, to understand the mystery behind nine Russian hikers preyed upon by what investigators called a quote “overwhelming force” in 1959. You’re going to see some rarely seen photos, documents and accounts that will get us closer to understanding what happened deep in the Russian wilderness.


Special thanks to DYATLOVPASS.COM for permission to use their copies of case files and images taken by the hikers: https://dyatlovpass.com

Yeti dispatch note: https://catalog.archives.gov/OpaAPI/media/24194175/content/dc-metro/rg-059/302021/YetiDespatch75-031_0090C_11-3059.pdf

Nepal object report: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP81R00560R000100070007-8.pdf