Real-Life X-Men: US Govt. Secretly Tracked ‘Gifted’ Individuals

Apr 4, 2020

The US intelligence community studied remote viewing for over a decade with some success, but the other side of that coin was psychokinesis, or PK. CIA records show programs like Grill Flame, Sun Streak and Star Gate gathered records of poltergeist activity — considering it misinterpreted RSPK, or recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis.

Sources in order of mention 

DOD Psychoenergetics Program; people with PK skills would be identified and trained:

Star Gate advisory board briefing slideshow:

SAIC plan for researching anomalous mental phenomena, 1991:

SRI/Grill Flame protocol on remote perturbation techniques, 1979:

RSPK/poltergeist activity in Brazil and US:

Final report on Star Gate after termination, 1995:

X-Men comic: