Spanish Military Investigated UFO Humanoids Who Warned Earth Would ‘Go Out of Orbit’

May 31, 2020

The Spanish Air Force has declassified 55 UFO cases — of those, just four have an “A” designation, meaning they were subject to lengthy investigation. The first involved a transparent sphere with “Swedish-looking” occupants wearing divers’ suits above the Canary Islands in 1976, we covered that here.

The second of these “A cases” is even more unbelievable.

In 1977, a carpenter, Juan Sillero, says a 20-meter wide saucer landed near his home outside Gallarta, Spain. He told investigators a craft came four other times, one of which he went onboard and interacted with beings that looked human. They told him they were there “to help Earth” because it was “going out of its orbit and tilting too much.”

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