Spanish Navy Files Disclose Underwater UFOs and ‘Thin, Swedish-Looking’ Beings

Jan 25, 2020

Spanish Navy files show a ship off the coast of Ibiza encountered multiple unidentified submerged objects… that encircled two, larger USOs. They emitted a yellowish-red light, shimmering through the ocean surface.

Three years earlier, in 1976, another account is even stranger. Sailors on a Navy corvette saw a circular “halo” flying near the Canary Islands. A taxi driver and his passenger corroborated this, telling officials they saw a sphere with two “red figures inside”…

Source documents in order of mention 

Avistamiento de fenómenos extraños en aguas de Baleares : 06 de Febrero de 1979 (Sighting of strange phenomena in the waters of the Balearic Islands: February 6, 1979), España. Mando Operativo Aéreo:

Avistamiento de fenómenos extraños en Canarias : 22 de Junio de 1976 (Sighting of strange phenomena in the Canary Islands: June 22, 1976), España. Mando Operativo Aéreo:

*Investigators’ illustrations based on descriptions of Swedish-looking beings witnessed by citizens on pages 0090 and 0091 of the June 22, 1976 file.

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Nordic (fictional), CC 2.0:

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