The Ontario Barbells | DoD Contractor Sees Unidentified Object With Strange Symbols

Oct 17, 2020

In August 2013, witnesses 1, 2 and 3 were driving on a remote logging road in Ontario, Canada. They had just finished hunting, and were on their way back to camp. What followed is one of the most interesting close-up encounters with an unidentified object in recorded history. The primary witness is an engineer and has contracts with the Department of Defense, something that has been verified by investigators Phil Leech and Robert Powell.

We spoke with Powell, now with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), about the case, and why he believes it’s so compelling. The primary witness and witness #3 both went on the record to investigators – their testimony, along with a video they recorded, is covered in today’s episode.


Full interview from 2016 (Phil Leech):

Interview with Powell conducted by us this past week.

Investigators’ report and notes obtained by us this week, not for public dissemination.

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Cree image (Creative Commons 2.0):