The Pentagon Canceled a Mysterious ‘LifeLog’ Tracker Days Before Facebook Was Founded

Feb 8, 2020

Now forgotten, LifeLog was dreamed up by DARPA, an agency inside the Department of Defense. Documents show LifeLog’s goal was to collect data on everywhere a person goes, and everything they see, say and do. Information was going to be aggregated in a timeline — LifeLog would then identify “patterns” to understand your routines and interests.

LifeLog proposal, unclassified:

Pentagon cancels LifeLog project:

In-Q-Tel social media surveillance investing:

ALCU report on Geofeedia:

Main PRISM breaking story:

How PRISM could collect US users data:

Zuckerberg’s response to PRISM:

Facebook built an electronic lockbox to handle legal requests for user data:

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