The San Diego Sphere — Witness Testimony

Sep 5, 2020

On September 10th, 2014, Rick Ybarra pulled into his driveway near San Diego, CA around 6:45pm when he noticed a sphere in the sky. A retired Department of Defense therapist who worked at Naval Base San Diego and Submarine Base Point Loma, we recently spoke to him about the sighting.

The sphere had four meaningful observables, which were photographed in detail and captured on video:

  • Stop/start movement
  • Failure to move with the wind
  • Metallic appearance
  • Seemingly independent moving antennae-like appendages

It was 4-6 feet in size and 400 feet above the ground — Ybarra states he first thought it was a balloon, but slowly moved away from the hypothesis when it failed to move with the wind, and had a distinct metallic shell reflecting the twilight to the west.

Ybarra showed the footage to colleagues in his chain of command — they had no explanation. We sifted through historical archives and found a nearly identical craft in Brazilian Air Force files from 1968.

Days after his 2014 sighting, Ybarra says he felt an “urge” to go outside early in the morning when he noticed a fast-moving, spherical object on the horizon.

Sources in order of mention:

Rick Ybarra 2014 full 12 minute video:

Photos and video taken by Ybarra and obtained by it’s [redacted] — all footage and witness audio may not be excerpted and reproduced without permission.

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