Top Secret Files Disclose Silver Humanoids Hovered Over Woman, Cattle in 1959

Feb 26, 2020

Buried in New Zealand’s declassified UFO reports is an encounter between two humanoids in a disc-shaped craft and a woman on her farm in 1959. The witness, Eileen Moreland, was working outside early on the morning of July 13th, 1959 when she noticed a strange green glow coming from the sky.

When she got closer, she saw a craft 10 meters off the ground with a transparent upper top and two man-sized silhouettes. She later told a Royal New Zealand Air Force investigator one of the humanoids shouted at her in a foreign language.

Sources in order of mention

Mrs. Moreland’s initial telephone call to police, “you may think that I am mad…” (p. 221):

Moreland’s official witness statement (p. 219-220):

Sketch of disc (p. 222 and 198):

Sketch of being in craft (p. 213):

Doctor noted she had blisters (p. 216):

Official govt. summary; note the discrepancy known and told to media at the time (p 32-33):

Summary and mention of corroborating sighting from neighbors (“Roy Holdaway”) (July 13, 1959):

RNZAF says it’s raising the classification of encounter on August 20th; one Lt. says he’s convinced her account is “genuine” (p. 191):

Moreland had second sighting in 1960 but it’s redacted (p. 178):

SoD denies journalist inquiry in 1979, says investigation found nothing substantive and evidence couldn’t be released due to “confidentiality” agreement given to witness….handwritten note on top right says “Are the assurances of confidentiality of a personal kind? If so we should say so. Otherwise it looks like another cover-up” (p. 28):

An internal memo then says she was not (underlined) given a personal assurance of confidentiality, rather, told by RNZAF to keep it to herself; officer wanted to raise classification when she told him beings were speaking another language, investigator thought it might be “Russian!” (p. 30):