US Army: Ancient Bases Under Earth Are ‘Relaying’ Something Into Space

Apr 11, 2020

Not widely known about, Project 8200 was an effort within the US Army’s remote viewing unit to verify claims of subterranean extraterrestrial bases made by CIA analyst Pat Price in the 1970s.

We obtained every ’82 to ’86-era declassified file of Project 8200, most of which were never officially reported to their higher-ups in the intelligence community.

Sources in order of mention

Atwater IRVA presentation:

All maps, notes and recordings are part of Grill Flame/US Army Project 8200 and were declassified by Skip Atwater. They are being presented here for educational purposes.

Description of Personnel Associated ET Bases (Mel Riley session):

Image credits 

Mount Hayes, Dan Battle Brook (Creative Commons 2.0):

1986 Japan Airlines sketch 1 (CC):,_a.jpg

1986 Japan Airlines sketch 2 (CC):,_b.jpg