US Navy Surprised By ‘Black Sphere’ UFO After Nuclear Alert (Rare File)

Apr 19, 2020

October 25th, 1973. It’s almost noon at Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt. The powerful antenna array in northwest Australia has just sent out a full nuclear alert to ships and submarines in the region.

It is prompted by officials in Washington D.C. who have made the decision to raise military readiness to DEFCON 3, the highest state of peacetime alert. Henry Kissinger, then-Secretary of State, is worried Soviet intervention in the Middle East’s “October War” could spiral out of control…

That night, something strange happened on the narrow peninsula.

Source documents in order of mention

Special thanks to Bill Chalker for his assistance with the 1973 North West Cape UFO incident.

Both 1973 RAAF UAS reports are held offline, copies of which are shown under sources in our Discord.

NSA mention of ’73 case:

’73 UFO above Sary Shagan Testing Range, USSR:

Loring, Wurtzsmith, Malmstrom and other AFB “intrusion” files come from DOD NMCC and are shown under sources in our Discord.

Image/video credits 

Harold E Holt image:

Defcon graphic:

Nautical twilight image:

Fort Ritchie:

Select footage from ARPA and USAF public domain videos via Jeff Quitney: and

Declassified U.S. nuclear test footage used with express permission from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a Department of Energy national security laboratory. See the full playlist of tests here: